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CA Pawan Kumar


Mr. CA Pawan Kumar has played a pivotal role in steering the success of Suntech Business Solutions in Dubai. His journey in the realm of finance began in 1989 when he achieved his Chartered Accountancy (CA) qualification, laying the initial groundwork for his unwavering commitment to excellence.He is widely recognised for his forward-thinking perspective and a lasting enthusiasm for embracing cutting-edge technologies. In 2007, he entered the business landscape by founding Suntech Auditing Services, embarking on a mission to modernise and streamline manual processes, thereby preserving valuable human resources. With an astute understanding of the intricate accounting complexities within the gold industry, he swiftly became a respected authority in this field. Yet, his vision extended beyond the scope of auditing. He foresaw the transformative potential of ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software in the gems and jewellery sector, prompting the establishment of a dedicated team tasked with crafting innovative solutions tailored to the unique demands of this industry. Under his adept leadership, Suntech Business Solutions has prospered as the leading ERP provider in the gems and jewellery industry for over 18 years. His exceptional talent for identifying bottlenecks and delivering customised solutions has positioned Suntech as a trailblazer within the industry. His steadfast commitment to staying at the forefront of technological advancements has resulted in a product line infused with the latest cutting-edge technologies. As Suntech continues to pioneer innovation, CA Pawan Kumar remains unwavering in his mission to empower businesses in the digital age.