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DPMS Global, part of the AJMS Group of Companies, is committed to striking a delicate balance between vision, skills, and experience in the intricate field of compliance within the jewelry industry. Our dedication lies in excelling at this equilibrium, ensuring that our solutions perfectly align with the evolving regulatory landscape and compliance requirements. Through our collaboration with Suntech Solutions and Remitex, we leverage our collective expertise to provide innovative and tailored compliance solutions that empower jewelers to navigate regulatory challenges effectively and uphold industry standards with confidence.

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Software Solutions

AML (Anti-Money Laundering) compliance software is a specialist instrument made to help companies adhere to laws meant to stop money laundering and financing of terrorism. ​


We offer a wide range of services within the realm of AML and CFT compliance.​

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DPMS Global Consulting represents a strategic alliance between Suntech Business Solutions, Suntech Auditors and Consultants, and AJMS Global, collectively possessing over 25 years of extensive experience in compliance and consulting. Leveraging the expertise of our seasoned consultants, we ensure unparalleled knowledge and proficiency to ensure your success. Furthermore, our proficiency in technology and consulting enables us to provide cutting-edge compliance frameworks, facilitating the streamlining and acceleration of your compliance processes.

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