About Us


At DPMS Global Consulting, our mission is to safeguard and fortify the integrity of the precious metals and gold sector. Through cutting-edge compliance consulting and innovative software solutions, we empower businesses to navigate regulatory landscapes seamlessly, ensuring transparency, security, and sustainable growth.


Our vision at DPMS Global Consulting is to become the trusted global leader in compliance solutions for the precious metals and gold sector. We aspire to revolutionize industry standards by providing unparalleled expertise and technology-driven solutions, fostering a culture of integrity, accountability, and prosperity for our clients and the communities they serve.


Our values center on innovation, user-focus, and adaptability, driving us to create cutting-edge software for jewelers. Collaboration and accountability guide our approach, ensuring tailored solutions of the highest quality. As a compliance consulting firm, integrity, expertise, and client-centricity define our pursuit of excellence, trust, and unwavering compliance.


Dr. Abhishek Jajoo

Founder And CEO- AJMS Global

P Satish Menon

CEO-Remitex Technologies Ltd.