Software Solutions

AML (Anti-Money Laundering) compliance software is a specialist instrument made to help companies adhere to laws meant to stop money laundering and financing of terrorism. Many compliance procedures, including transaction monitoring, client due diligence, reporting suspicious behavior, and regulatory reporting, are usually automated using this software. Identifying and reducing the risks linked to financial crime is facilitated by its ability to analyze vast amounts of data and discover peculiar trends or behaviors that could point to illegal activities. In order to comply with regulatory requirements and preserve a strong anti-money laundering program, banks, financial institutions, and other regulated companies must use AML compliance software.

We offer the same in the form of Digi Comply. Digi Comply addresses the challenges faced by Compliance Officers, providing a comprehensive solution for AML screening, risk profiling, transaction monitoring, and regulatory reporting. Unlike complex systems, Digi Comply offers an intuitive interface accessible to users without AML expertise. It serves as a single solution for financial institutions and DNFBPs, covering KYC onboarding, sanction screening, and STR reporting via GOAML. Digi Comply is the only integrated tool providing end-to-end AML compliance, streamlining KYC information gathering, sanctions screening, risk profiling, and dual-usage goods screening. Additionally, it features AI-driven transaction monitoring, fraud management modules, and an integrated reporting tool for regulators. In summary, Digi Comply replaces ineffective alternatives with a cohesive software solution.

Your state-of-the-art intelligent Compliance Manager

  • e-KYC
  • Transaction screening
  • Transaction monitoring
  • Entity-Wide Risk Assessment
  • Fraud Risk Assessment
  • Regulatory Reporting